2100W Induction Cooktop

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Induction Hob Cooktop Portable Countertop Burner Electric Hot Plate 2100W 15 Temperature Power Setting
  • The time is up to 3 hours. When the time comes, it will automatically power off. No need to watch the cooking time. It will automatically turn off the fire. The soup does not need to be maintained.
  • 4D waterproof black LCD panel waterproof, splash-proof, oil-resistant, impervious temperature shock safe and durable
  • Bass noise reduction cooling fan design, multi-directional three-dimensional heat dissipation, increase the stability of the induction cooker
  • Ergonomic design, one touch touch panel adopts slope design, suitable for finger touch angle, the icon is clear at a glance
  • Easy to make all kinds of delicious food. The constant temperature control variable heating setting can be the perfect temperature for your slow boiling point, and can also be used as food heating or slow cooker.
Bestseller No. 2
Portable Induction Cooktop induction stove Countertop Burner, 2200W 2200-Volts Induction Cooker Smart Touch Sensor Electric Ceramic Cooker Glass Plate Cooktop
  • - Suitable for all types of cooking – unlike induction cookers. This countertop grill is suitable for all types of kitchen utensils such as steel, cast iron, enamel iron, stainless steel, flat pans or pans. Use glass and aluminum to heat the kitchenware to minimize heat.
  • - Warm - This portable infrared grill has the functions of stir-fry, grill, soup and skillet, which is convenient for cooking food in small spaces, including cooking, barbecue, boiling water, soup, cooking noodles, vegetables and so on.
  • - Heating during installation - 220V and 2200W power supply. Power ranges from 2100W to 3000W with multiple power levels. You can adjust the power by pressing the knob as needed.
  • - Safety and health – Without radiation, our infrared ovens can be heated in the distance and have no electromagnetic radiation, so it is harmless to the human body. Environmental protection will not cause burning, nor will there be any bright fire or carbon monoxide.
  • - Please rest assured to buy - our electric ceramic furnace provides a variety of protection, such as high voltage protection, low voltage protection, circuit failure protection, high temperature protection. There is no danger when cooking.
Bestseller No. 3
RSGDWD Electric Ceramic Stove, Electric Tea Cooker, Water Boiling Electric Ceramic Stove, Coffee Making Electric Stove, Water Boiling Electric Stove, Tea Cooking Electric Stove, 2100W (Color : White)
  • Material: Shell material: PC, voltage power: AC 220V 1000W 50Hz, mini elegant, super firepower, induction control, intelligent timing cooking.
  • Size: 22.5 * 22.5 * 6cm, small and exquisite, the product is suitable for boiling water and keeping warm, and it is an indispensable product when you cook coffee and tea.
  • Function: heating principle: heating plate, firepower position: 2 gears, operation mode: mechanical knob, temperature control knob, air outlet, thickened bottom plate.
  • Features: The shell part will not be hot, but the black panel belongs to the high temperature area, and the boiling time of different materials will be different. The general glass pot of 500ML will boil for about 5-6 minutes.
  • Compatible: It can be applied to all flat-bottom appliances that can withstand high temperature, such as: iron, stainless steel, high temperature glass, copper, tile, ceramic, silver, etc. can be used.
Bestseller No. 4
KIKBLW Multifunction Electric Induction Cooker, 220V 120-2100W Smart Cooktop Hot Pot Heating Plate Black Crystal Panel Non-Slip Mat Anti-Clogging
  • 180mm large coil design, the energy can be heated more evenly
  • Vigorously ignoring the fire, one touch, direct firepower
  • 4D waterproof design, effective waterproofing, various oil stains can be easily cleaned, wear-resistant and easy to use
  • Extremely fast heat dissipation, cyclone anti-blocking fan, strong wind power, anti-blocking and safe use
  • Stylish appearance, easy-to-understand case panel, simple and elegant, light and easy to store
Bestseller No. 5
KIKBLW Electric Multifunction Induction Cooker, 220V 200W-2100W Smart High Power Energy Saving Cooktop Plate Kitchenware Hot Pot Stove,Pink
  • Touch the touch, more scientific sense, from the previous button era, enter a new era of technology
  • High-power output, 200w-2100w high-power induction cooker, food from the near future
  • Up to 3 hours of timing function, automatic power off when time is up, no need to be taken care of
  • Multi-air cooling design, better heat removal and better effect
  • Black crystal heated glass, with higher heat
Bestseller No. 6
JBHURF Induction Cooker 2100W High Power Induction Cooker Household Energy Saving Smart Touch Induction Cooktop Mini Hot Pot Suitable for Home and Commercial
  • Large firepower stir fry, about 16cm wire reel, high performance heating ring, exquisite craftsmanship, 6D waterproof design
  • 8 large cooking function, multi-functional humanized design, suitable for soup, steaming, boiling water, simmer, fire, hot pot, porridge, cooking
  • Matte black crystal panel, 280*350mm flat panel, integrated seamlessly,
  • 4D strong current cooling, 7-leaf brushless motor, low noise, fast heat dissipation
  • Intelligent touch screen, sensitive touch, different operating experience, gathering ability, 3 levels of energy saving, care for heating and health
Bestseller No. 7
Induction Cooker Home Smart Battery Stove Hot Pot Wok 2100W Large Fire Induction Cooker Suitable for Home and Commercial
  • 6 large cooking functions, easy to enjoy food, stir-fry, soup, steamed, soup, frying, hot pot
  • One-click fire direct, fierce fire, heavy food, easy to choose the right firepower
  • Rotary touch temperature control, temperature control, firepower more free
  • Black microcrystalline panel, durable and easy to clean,
  • 4D square waterproof technology, waterproof, splash-proof, oil-proof, anti-penetration,
Bestseller No. 8
RSGDWD Electric Ceramic Stove, Induction Cooker Home, Intelligent Electric Stove, Multi-Function Electric Wave Stove, Round Induction Cooker, Single-Head Induction Cooker, 2100W
  • Material: Black crystal panel, rated power 2100W, rated frequency: 50Hz, rated voltage: 220V, operation mode: key type.
  • Size: 37 * 31 * 6cm, weight 3KG, large heating power, fast heating, 21 00W high power, large heating power, fast heating, five menus, enjoy fine cuisine.
  • Heating: This copper coil is very energy-gathering, with a 15cm large coil design, the energy-gathering is more evenly heated, the conduction speed is fast, the temperature measurement effect is good, and the machine is sensitive.
  • Design: 4D waterproof design, effective waterproof, at the same time, all kinds of oil and sewage stains can be easily cleaned, wear-resistant and easy to use, anti-permeation,
  • Heat dissipation: fast heat dissipation, cyclone blocking, strong anti-blocking wind, safe use of anti-blocking, no fear of oil fume, wipe it away, black crystal panel does not touch oil, and it shines.
Bestseller No. 9
Mini Small Electric Ceramic Stove Induction Hob, Household 2100W Tea Stove Iron Pot, Touch Control/Mute Work/Quick Heating, Perfect Thanksgiving Day/Christmas Day/Home Gift (Color : Black)
  • Humanized one-key timer function, intelligent setting time is 1-180 minutes, from now on, liberate the whole body without having to wait by the side
  • Automatic constant temperature function automatically adjusts the power to maintain the panel temperature, which saves more power
  • One touch can change the humanized design and adjust the temperature at will
  • Suitable for student dormitory, office staff, family, outdoor heating meals, tea/coffee/milk/noodles or one person’s hot pot
  • Function: stir fry, boil water, stir fry, hot pot, stir fry, set temperature, steam, time, porridge, soup, stewed milk
Bestseller No. 10
Induction cooker home intelligent uniform fire battery stove hot pot stove 2100W induction cooker suitable for home and business
  • 2100W large firepower makes the stir-fry more delicious, the food is not wasted, the cooking is simpler, the food color is even and delicious.
  • 188mm increase coil, rotating magnetic even coil plate, food heating faster and more uniform, reduce the bottom
  • 4D all-round waterproof system, soup porridge overflow test without pressure, more versatile with the kitchen
  • Frequency control fan, fast heat dissipation, save energy, caring for your life
  • Matte blue shield microcrystalline panel, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, long life,

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